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Finding & Promoting

Kinda like the lost & found...only not

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This community is for both advertising your community, and finding other ones. It's like a mix of community_promo and community_quest. If you want to advertise a community, that's ok, no matter what kind of community it is, but advertised communities are only allowed every second post. And only advertise your community(-ies) once per post. Every other post must be someone asking for a community. That's how it works, and if I see someone not following this simple rule, I'll ban them. And please, no huge images. Some people have slow connections, so it's kinda rude. The < lj comm = "communityname" > (without spaces) works just as well, and is so much less annoying to scroll through.

So have fun! :o)

My communities

selfharmhome - Support for victims of self-harm. Not pro- or anti- self-harm, everyone is welcome.
love2argue - Do you love to argue? Then come check it out. Different and more interesting than most debate/arguing communities.

Co-Mod's Communities

preppykids - An awesome rating community.
addme_nc - An add me community for people in NC. Other people are welcome to join!
vintage_poetry - A community for posting poetry pre-WWI.

Other promotion communities

community_promo - Popular community promotion
community_quest - Find the right community
promo_directory - Directory of promotion communities
promos_lj - No rating community promotions allowed
promote_rating - Only rating community promotions allowed

First 20 non-rating communities advertised will be listed here with a short description

graphicsrequest - Request and/or make graphics.
gift_sugar_plum - Gift giving ideas.

First 10 rating communities advertised will be listed here with a short description

heavenly_dorks - A "dork" rating community
xo_eye_candy_ox - A very friendly rating community
alluring_ones - Rates your personality, not your looks

If you don't want your community listed, write "Don't list me" in your post.
Please do not advertise communities listed here.